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one smart connection to a multitude of rewards

Are you looking for a platform where you can easily integrate your own choice of rewards into your incentive campaign? Motisha’s Open Rewards Market place, the first of its kind, already comes with a wide range of high-quality gifts, vouchers, experiences, and events so you can immediately kick start your incentive campaign. But it’s smarter than that as you can add your own rewards very easily. How good is that?
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Open Rewards Market place eco-system

The Motisha Open Rewards Market place comes with a wide range of high-quality gifts, vouchers, experiences, and events so you can get your incentive campaign started immediately. This means you don’t have to invest time contacting different reward companies and can fully focus on your campaign. Better still, its open architecture enables you to negotiate directly for the best conditions (prices and Service Level Agreements) with all the reward suppliers and even lets you quickly and easily plug in your own offering of rewards.

Relevant rewards for your target group

Power up your campaign rapidly by choosing from the extensive offer of gifts, vouchers, events and experiences already available and relevant for your target group. Save time and focus fully on your campaign instead of sourcing reward suppliers.

Negotiate directly with suppliers

Motisha’s Open Market place not only provides a full range of attractive rewards from different suppliers, but is also fully transparent (both price and SLAs). This lets you get directly in touch with the reward suppliers to negotiate. The reward cockpit lets you take full control of the reward management within your incentive campaign at any time.

Use the in-built filters

Choose individualised rewards for every group of participants you want to activate using the in-built filters within the Motisha Client Zone. With highly targeted rewards, you can ensure a maximum of motivation to reach sales targets faster or to build a stronger brand image.

Open API for quick rewards integration

Use our easy-to-use Open API connection to quickly add rewards of your own or integrate those from new suppliers into your incentive campaign.

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Are you a reward supplier who wants to generate extra sales all over the world? Become part of Motisha’s B2B Open Rewards Market place of gifts, vouchers, events and experiences and get in touch with us now.

Easy rewards set-up and presentation

One smart connection with Motisha will open up a multitude of new sales opportunities. Our open API connections make it quick and easy to integrate your rewards offering within the B2B Open Rewards Market place. All you have to do is describe and present your offer. Ask us for our API style guide and start generating extra sales as from today.

Full control and margin maximization

Through the secure supplier access of the Motisha open Rewards marketplace you retain full control of who you deal with, and supply, at all times. With full margin maximization per new project through direct customer negotiations.

Generate extra sales, while saving on go to market costs

The unique integration of your rewards in the Open Rewards Market place makes you automatically visible to all B2B companies and brands that are looking for suitable incentives via Motisha. With our one smart connection you generate additional sales volumes while saving on sales and marketing costs.

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